Direct and Independent Insurance

The first type is direct writing agency (eg, State Farm and Farm Bureau). This was written to handle that? This means that the Agency works exclusively for insurance that they represent, are really just an extension of the parent company. This means you only get the prices of this company when requesting an appointment. If you have a request that is made, it is an insurance adjuster representing. Many times, the agency through which you purchased your policy has little to do with the claims process.

By contrast, the independent insurance agency (eg PCE insurance) works for you. You are able to write the intervention of several companies, which means you can shop around for you, you get the best coverage at the best price. Furthermore, as close to the time of renewal of the policy, your policy can be found independent agent to ensure that their needs are not met, and they are always the best value. Another advantage is that if you happen to run into any issues or problems with the insurance company, the agent can and will be there to support you every step of the way.
The conclusion is that your local agent has your best interests in mind and not commit to a big company, father. You have many more options, and really, who would want fewer choices?

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